That’s what we thought when we were creating the Brush for Change™ soft bristle environmental toothbrush concept here in Australia.

This little family based business is located on the north side of Brisbane QLD.

We loved the concept of a bamboo handled eco friendly toothbrush that had a lot less impact on the environment than those plastic ones out there. But we wanted to do more.

More than just sell another environmental toothbrush, we wanted to give back.

So we decided to not only offer a great eco toothbrush at a great price but donate 20% from each sale to a worthy cause – and also donate toothbrushes when needed – you know PAY IT FORWARD.

So here, from our little home in Queensland, we are sending out our eco toothbrushes all over the country and would love you to join us in making a difference.

Not only do you get amazing Eco Friendly Toothbrushes, but we donate 20% to the Australian Marine Conservation Society.  We also donate toothbrushes to worthy causes.

We love our planet and we love our fellow inhabitants.

Help us help the world.

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How would you like to help the environment and
help your fellow earthlings at the same time?

The eco-friendly toothbrush that gives back.

What if when you purchased a 6pk of Brush for Change bamboo soft bristle environmental toothbrushes for just $25.00, that 20% of that sale went to charity.

Would you make a change…  FOR MORE INFORMATION


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